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About Me

Dear visitor,
My name is Emil Tal and I am a licensed and experienced tour guide in Israel.

I am a multi -lingual expert guide who speaks English, Spanish, Hebrew.

For guiding and transportation I am using new  Mercedes sedan S class long, model 2017

I graduated University in History, Archeology and Art.

I served in the I.D.F, and received a captain rank.

I have provided guiding and transportation services to many VIPs and famous visitors such as: Mr. Elie Wisel, Mr. Kiefer Anselm (France-German artist), Mr. Lauremce Di Meola, Mr. Robert Cavalli, Mr. Edouard de Rothscild, Mrs. Lucy Alexis Liu, coach Mr. Urban Mayer (University of Florida), Mr. Dale Chihuly, and Mr. Jose Maria Aznar (Spain’s former Prime Minister).

I would like to invite you to a fascinating journey in time- through 3000 years in the history of the Holy Land.

There is no doubt that it is a privilege to be guide in the Holy Land.

As a Israeli native who enjoys the Israeli culture and lifestyle I will be pleased to share my knowledge and experience with you

So you will get the maximum from your visit even if your time is short.

Emil Tal