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Dear Emil,
It was a pleasure riding with you for three days. You really helped my goal to make our guests visit in Israel a success. I myself, recommended you to our administration.

Hi, Emil,
You did a very good job for Mr. Khury. I received nice compliments about you and the way the job was handled.

We recently returned from a trip to Israel. Your help in designing and itinerary and the added convenience of having someone meet us at the airport upon arrival (and for our departure) to get us through all the airport red tape was immeasurable. The young man and woman who met us were so cheerful and helpful so late at night and very much appereciated by my husband and myself.

I would also like to comment on our driver, Emil Tal. What a find! Friendly, informative, knowledgeble and professional are only some of the words I can think of to describe him. Oh, untiring and interesting are two more, for the days were long and his stories were both informative and entertaining.

We were so fortunate to have Emil as our driver and would highly recommend him to others.

Thanks againg for awonderful week in Israel.

Hi Tal Emil,
We got your name from Stacy and Stevie D who you toured around Israel. They thought you were great.
Both my husban and myself will be arriving the evening of Thursday Aug. 30th and would like to book a tour with you for Friday the 31st.

Hi Emil, first of all I want to thank you, and of Moshe for taking my guests out for the day yesterday the 27th of May, 2008. They said they had a wonderful and informative day, meaning that they will go back to Australia with something that will never be lost, the information and beauty of places of interest and historl of Israel.
Unfortunately I couldn’t join but I was happy that they had a good time. I want to thank you for being who you are that there is an understanding even done through the telephone all was organized as should be.
Thanks so much

Tel Emil and your company were recommended to me by some local friends of mine in Cincinnati, Barbra Miller, Linda and Marty Mandel, Noga Maliniak. I am interested in arranding for a guide for my husband, 24 year old son, and me, when we are in Israel over Passover, April 19-28. We will want to take atleast 4 day trips with a guide, during that time, and transportation within Israel also during that week we are there. We will mostly be stationed in Tel Aviv, at the InterContinental, but taking two days to stay up in the Gallilee at Mizpe Hayamim. Please let me know if you are avaliable to provide us with both transportation and guide services during our visit, and how to arrange for this.

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